Milestone 4: Overview

In Milestone 4, you will conduct a peer review of another group's manuals. You will then make the final edits to your guides.


When you finish this milestone you should have completed the following:

  • Reassembled your device 
  • Uploaded all pictures to the site
  • Linked all guides to the appropriate prerequisite guides
  • Reviewed all text at least twice, to make sure it is correct for group review
  • Added all necessary markup to pictures
  • Reviewed all bullets to ensure all appropriate bullet types have been chosen for caution/note bullets
  • Provided written feedback for each part of another group's project that did not follow the peer review checklist
  • Added flags that address each problem with the guides

Email Us When... have finished your project. We'll be thrilled to publish your guides for all the world to see! Include any feedback you have on the project! We always want to improve the program for future students.


After completing the rough drafts for all your replacement guides, you will give your device to another group from your class and your guides will be reviewed. Be sure to reassemble your own device before giving it to another group for review. Likewise, you will obtain another group's device and review their guides. Use this checklist to thoroughly examine the other group's guides and to provide feedback on any improvements they may need to make.