People tend to learn and absorb new information more quickly when it is presented in a visually appealing way. Start creating a great Fast Fix by photographing the process from beginning to end.

Taking instructional photos is a bit different from the kind of everyday photos you’re used to, so follow the How to Take Awesome Photos guide below to complete this checkpoint.

A word to the wise: reading through the guide below will save you hours of time fighting with lighting, fiddling with camera settings, and making other rookie mistakes—so don't skip it!


Before you start, check out the photos in these Fast Fix guides from other iFixit contributors, so you know what to shoot for:

ARRRRRRR you ready to move on?

Better take one more peek with your good eye. Review all the requirements so that your grade doesn’t end up walking the plank and sleeping with the fishes. Send us your sample photos by uploading them into your guide and emailing a link to techwriting[at]ifixit[dot]com.