Join a Team

Before you start editing, you’re going to need an iFixit account. You also need to join a team, even if you are working individually. Being on a team allows us to track your work and gives you student privileges that prevent other users from editing your work.

Click here to register and add yourself to a team.

  • Use your name and school email when signing up for the account.

  • Make sure to select the appropriate information from the drop-down menus. If you add yourself to the wrong team, just click "Leave my team" and try again.

  • Team tags follow this format: School-InstructorLastName-T#S#G#. For example, if you are attending Cal Poly in Dr. Jon Doe's class, in Fall 2018, assigned to section 4, group 7, your team tag will be: CPSU-DOE-F18S4G7.

Hold up there!

Don’t go it alone. You need to join a student team. Even if you are a totally awesome team of one. That’s right, even if you are working alone, you need to join a student team before you move on. On a team? Go ahead and move on!