Guide details

Clicking on the Details tab at the top of your guide’s Edit page gives you access to some important fields. These fields are critical to help people be prepared and empowered to fix their device. Before you finalize your new guide, be sure to complete the following:

  • Estimate the time required. Keep track of how long each of your repairs takes (not how long it takes to write the guide), and provide an estimate for your readers. This should be the total time from the start of the repair to the moment it's finished. Remember that you’re writing for a non-technical audience, so it’s best to be a bit conservative with your estimate.
  • Estimate the difficulty level. Click on the drop-down menu for an explanation of each difficulty level, and select the most appropriate one. For example, “Easy” requires minimal disassembly and common tools, whereas “Difficult” requires specialty tools or skills such as soldering.
  • List any required tools. If you’re unsure what a tool is called, try to find out.

Hold up there, speedy!

Slow down and make sure you’ve met all the project requirements. This is your last checkpoint for the project and you wouldn’t want to pay a heavy fine in terms of your score for zipping by. Send us an email at techwriting[at]ifixit[dot]com when you think you’ve got a finalized draft of your guide. We’ll let you know when you’re ready to move on—and we’re a lot nicer than the fuzz.