Choosing a Device

For this project, we want you to choose a device that you’re excited about working on. It doesn’t have to be a smartphone or laptop! It can be anything from a bike, to a toy, or even a common household appliance. It can even be broken. (You’ll be writing guides to show someone with a broken device how to replace faulty parts, so it’s fine if your device is broken.) No matter what you choose, you'll be helping the world end the e-waste crisis and keep devices out of landfills. We can't do this without your help!

The important thing is to find a device that is NOT already well-documented on iFixit. (A simple search should tell you whether there are already guides for your device on the site.) Your device should also be complex enough that you can write the required number of guides. Each guide will cover the replacement of one component.

Some devices are generally off-limits for safety reasons—things like cars and trucks, microwaves, and old CRT televisions. Check the Project Safety page if you're not sure.

If you have any questions about choosing a device, please ask your instructor.