Students We Appreciate Greatly—The SWAG Program


Students are changing the world!

Thanks for being a part of iFixit’s Technical Writing Project. Contributions like yours are making a difference! Student guides and wikis become part of a free, online repair manual for everything. They also fight the flow of e-waste, reduce the need for resource mining, and empower consumers to exercise their right to repair. Students like you have already created more than 10,000 guides for over 2,000 devices— helping people repair tabletslaptops, and even rugged wheelchairs used in the developing world.

It isn’t over yet!

Saving the world is a big job, and your involvement doesn’t have to end with your student project. We’d love for you to stay with us as active members on iFixit. Whether it’s writing another guide, refining existing content, or helping other users with their fixes, we’re thrilled to have you on board—because your contribution matters.

Get Equipped!

We’re launching a new rewards program for students who’ve completed the Technical Writing Project. That’s right, we’re going to hook you up with free stuff! We’re not talking about pajamas from Aunt Clara either. We’ve raided our own warehouse for the choicest tools and gear to help you rock your repair skills.


Get some iFixit SNEG!

(Stuff Not Everybody Gets)

Wondering how to get your free gear? Here’s the lowdown. All you have to do is…

...make awesome contributions, like:

Write a new guide (no, not the one you did for your student project). We’re looking for a high quality guide, just like the ones that you made for Milestone 3 of the Technical Writing Project. Qualifying guides should be well written, have great photos, and be at least 5 steps in length.

Build your rep (it’s kind of like street cred, but for technophiles). On iFixit, reputation—or “rep”—is a measure of how much you’ve contributed to the community. It helps users to know how much they can trust your expertise and advice. You can build your rep by answering questionsparticipating in discussions, and writing guides.

...and get awesome stuff:

Jimmy — for writing a new guide on

Smartphone Repair Kit — for earning 15 unique badges

Precision Tweezer Set — for earning 1,500 rep

Set of 3 iFixit Precision Screwdrivers — for earning 5,000 rep

Pro Tech Toolkit — for earning 10,000 rep

Once you’ve reached one of these contributor landmarks, fill out this form, click "Send", and wait patiently by your mailbox. Easy-peasy.

We know you hate the fine print, but the following rules will help everybody keep it classy:
The SWAG program does not constitute a contest or sweepstakes, nor does it constitute any type employment by iFixit. Each item in the SWAG program will be awarded no more than once per participant. Any attempts at cheating or “gaming” the system, including the solicitation of upvotes or “likes”, the creation of alternate accounts, the falsification of information, or other unsavory actions (as deemed by iFixit staff), will result in disqualification from the program.