Checkpoint 2: Overview


When you finish this checkpoint you should have completed the following:

Guide Text

  • Written directions that are easy to understand and follow for an audience with an average to below-average technical background
  • Written guide steps free of verbose and muddled directions
  • Avoided vague language and outlined the procedure with adequate detail in each of the guide steps
  • Correctly identified key tools and components being used in the procedure
  • Written guide text free of major errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Included a brief summary and a descriptive introduction outlining the procedure being performed
  • Noted the head types and lengths (in mm) of every screw in the guide
  • Given the guide an appropriate title

Guide details

  • Filled out all parts of the Details section, including the difficulty, time required, and tools
  • Used colored markup correctly in guide photos, and used appropriately colored bullet points to match them
  • Made proper use of the Note, Reminder, and Caution bullets when they are appropriate

Email Us When... complete the first draft of your guide. We'll be happy to offer feedback and help you get your guide ready for prime-time!


In this checkpoint, you'll upload your photos to iFixit and combine them with step-by-step written instructions to create a simple and straightforward guide that anyone can follow.

Your completed guide should contain the following:

  • A title and brief (1-2 sentence) summary
  • A descriptive introduction
  • Estimated difficulty and time required
  • A list of any required tools
  • Step-by-step instructions written in clear, complete sentences
  • An accompanying photo or photos to demonstrate each step
  • Visual markup (where appropriate) highlighting key areas of the photos, matched to color-coded bullets in the text

Keep in mind that your final guide may have a global audience, so you shouldn’t rely on the text alone to communicate key information. Ideally, your readers should be able to complete the guide using only the photos, or only the text. Both the written and visual portions of your guide should work together, yet be able to stand on their own.

While Working On Your Guide

Don’t work on the same step at the same time as your teammates. It's okay for multiple team members to work on the same guide at the same time, so long as each team member works on different steps. If more than one team member tries to edit the same step at the same time, they may overwrite each other's work.