Milestone 2: Overview

In Milestone 2, you will create a device page. A device page acts like a homepage for all of your other guide pages and helps readers identify their device.


When you finish this milestone you should have completed the following:

  • Correctly capitalized and punctuated the device page title with no extra descriptive words, such as “laptop,” “printer,” or “camera"
  • Used an image for the device page that is well-lit, clear, the correct 4:3 aspect ratio, and above all, a photograph taken by the group members 
    • The full-size image from the camera should be uploaded.
  • Made proper use of headings and included all of the necessary sections of the device page
  • Included thorough information describing the device and its history to educate readers and aid them in identifying their device
  • Provided at least three helpful links on the device page that a user would find
  • Written a device page free of major errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Email Us When...

...your device page is complete. We’ll be happy to look it over and offer feedback!


A device page serves as the hub of all the repair information about your device, including background and identification, links to replacement guides, and a link to your troubleshooting page. This screenshot of a completed iPhone 5 device page is a good example of the appropriate length and amount of information you should provide. 

Your completed device page should contain the following:

  • A picture of the device taken by your group (not one found online).
  • A short summary of the device.
  • A link to your troubleshooting page.
  • Background information on the device (such as its major features/components, release date, known failure modes, manufacturer recalls, etc.) and how to identify the device (i.e. How is it distinguished from similar devices/models?).
  • Three or more links to the best online resources for the device.

It may look daunting at first, but a good portion of this information is generated automatically. We break it all down for you on the next page.

Example Pages

The following are A-level device pages from past student projects. Use these for inspiration, but don't try to copy them exactly—that is, they've been published on iFixit for a while, so they've accumulated more content than you're responsible for.