Once you’ve chosen a repair guide topic, the next step is to send us a proposal. The proposal should describe the project you intend to work on. The proposal doesn’t need to be long, but we’ll use it to help start your project off in the right direction—after all, our goal is to publish your final project for all the world to see!

A proposal is required for the project, even if it is informal. Proposals allow us to give you the necessary privileges to work on the site without problems, and to verify that no one else has selected the same project as yours. You can find a sample proposal here. Also, make sure to include a brief message in the email's body to provide context for your proposal.


Important things to include in your proposal:

  • What item do you plan to write a repair guide for? Be specific by stating what item may need the repair, and what repair you intend to teach.  
    • We can't always approve your initial guide topic, so be thinking about a backup idea in case your topic doesn't meet the guidelines or there's another group already working on it.
  • What is your repair method? Provide a detailed description of your method, in a short paragraph. Include any tools and/or materials you plan to use. (It's okay to modify this later, but sketch out your procedure as best you can for now.)
  • Why is this guide necessary? Write a brief paragraph explaining why this particular repair needs a guide and how it will help real people.
  • How much repair information is already on the internet about your fix? Are there already instructions available? If so, how good are they and how are yours going to be better?
  • Which camera will you be using to document each step of the fix? Any digital camera of 6 megapixels or greater that can mount to a tripod is acceptable. (Note: this rules out most smartphones.)
  • What did you discover while completing the Repair Experience Inventory? How will it make your project awesome?


Please include a header at the top of your proposal in this format:

  • Fast Fix: Leaky Faucet (or whatever fix you’ve chosen)
  • Team tag: CPSU-DOE-F15S1G1
  • Camera: Nancy's 16MP Canon PowerShot SX170 IS
  • Group email addresses: abc@university.edu, etc. (These must be the same email addresses that you and your team members used to create your iFixit accounts.)

Here are a couple of sample proposals to give you an idea of what your proposal should look like:

Email your proposal in PDF format to techwriting[at]ifixit[dot]com. Include your team tag in the email's Subject field, as well as a brief message in the email body. (It's a nice professional touch—and a general courtesy—to not send a blank email with an attachment.)

Once you've got the go-ahead from our tech writing team, you're clear to proceed to Checkpoint 1!

Don't forget: include your team tag in the subject line of your email, CC your teammates and instructor, and include a brief message in the email's body to provide context for your proposal.

Stop right there!

Do you have the droids you’re looking for? Don’t let a Jedi mind trick fool you—or hurt your grade. Take a moment to review the page and make sure you have met all the proposal requirements. When you are ready, be sure to email your proposal to techwriting[at]ifixit[dot]com. We’ll get back to you and let you know when you’re ready to move on.