The main goal of iFixit's Technical Writing Project is to provide a meaningful educational experience, but who says we can't have fun while we do it? Below you'll find photos from our annual Symposium for instructors, and see what our awesome students have to say about the project. 


Symposium 2013


Symposium 2015


Student Testimonials

“As Environmental Science majors, we connect with your company’s vision of reducing e-waste…Thus, we are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with a company that so evidently values sustainable practices. “
“Your technical writing team encourages us with positive suggestions and constructive criticism after every milestone. Your edits allowed us to make improvements on this project, and taught us to communicate in a professional setting.”
“The most valuable part of the experience was the way iFixit has developed the website to create the guides, and the Student Resources information. I was able to learn technical writing skills in a way that was immersive and intuitive.”
“Personally, the most valuable part of the experience was focusing on putting a great guide together. It made me realize all the hard work it takes, and I have a new appreciation for it.”
“The most valuable part of the experience was getting to crack open a device. In today's society, this is almost considered "taboo". Being able to open up a tablet and replace parts inside to get it working was not only very humbling, but has also given me the confidence to begin working on other projects. This is definitely a fun and encouraging way to not only learn a lot about how things work, but also a great way to give back to society.”
“I think that this project helped build my skills in technical writing. As an engineering student, there is a good chance I will have to create documentation/instructions in the future. The iFixit project is a wonderful template for those types of assignments.”