Get to know us!

Students and instructors alike have wondered about the unidentified technical writers that answer student emails and help students to craft awesome repair guides. Are they robots? Elves? Highly trained marmosets? At great personal peril, we broke into the classified personnel files to find you some answers. We hope these details help provide some insight into our technical writing staff, as our security clearance has probably been revoked.

Brittany McCrigler
Code Name: Miss Direction
Brittany McCrigler: Foodie, Rocket Scientist, Technical Writer
Brittany is iFixit’s Director of Education Services, EDU’s team leader. Brittany collaborates with instructors as she explores ways to raise education and repair to the next level. When she’s not developing the EDU program or speaking at conferences, she can be found encouraging the rest of the team. As of yet, nobody knows if she sleeps. In reality, she may even be a set of identical twins.

Superpower: Card-carrying member of the Black Gold Cooperative Library System
Arch nemesis: Bananas
Favorite Guide: Nexus Q teardown!

“I was contacted through my breakfast cereal, and then it was confirmed to me by the Cosmic Fish that I am definitely from outer space.”

Kristen Gismondi
Code Name: Photobomb
Kristen Gismondi: Shutterbug, Musicologist, Technical Writer
Kristen is EDU’s master photographer. Nobody knows their way around Photoshop or a digital camera better than she does. Kristen is quick to provide student teams with the best advice for shooting the perfect guide images. When she’s not looking through a lens, Kristen cultivates her profound love for red pandas, vinyl records, and terrible movies.

Superpower: Thrift Shopping
Arch nemesis: The Quaker Oats Man
Favorite Guide: MacBook Pro 13” Retina Display Late 2012 because kittens!

“Is a hippopotamus a hippopotamus or just a really cool opatamus?”

Ron Davis
Code Name: Funshine Bear
Ron Davis: Sculptor, Gastronomist, Technical Writer
Ron is the EDU team’s resident welder/electrician and zombie expert. When something’s broken, really broken, he's often the one to turn to. Amongst the EDU team, Ron is known for his love of foodstuffs, coffee, and giant robots. He’s also been known to craft the worst puns in the world. Really. They’re very, very bad.

Superpower: Automotive Translocation
Arch nemesis: Low Blood Sugar
Favorite Guide: HTC One M9 Teardown

“If I were to throw you in a shipping container…” 

Marty Rippens
Code Name: Martypants
Marty Rippens: Educator, Cyclist, Idol of Millions
Marty is EDU's pedagogue of core values and community builder. Marty is a bike buff, experienced educator, and tagmemics tackler. When he's not busy teaching teachers to teach, he spends his time sharing his excitement for sustainability through tap dancing and inspiring the team with pep talks.

Superpower: Classy chromatic socks
Arch Nemesis: Ennui
Favorite Guide: Bike Maintenance

“Living breathing email.” 

Taylor Bratsch
Code Name: Souper Woman
Taylor Bratsch: Educator, Exerciser, Lover of Canines
Taylor is our in-house ergonomics expert and aspiring spicy food world champion. Taylor is the muscle behind the EDU team—a fitness buff with a can do attitude, she does everything from moving heavy boxes of devices to moving mountains of email. From welding to waltzing—armed with two K-9s, three hours, and a gaggle of power tools—she’s unstoppable.

Superpower: Jalapeno poppin’
Arch Nemesis: Poor posture
Favorite Guide: Fitbit Flex Teardown

“Oh, I know how to do that.” 

Richard Suovanen
Code Name: Super Trooper
Richard Suovanen: Educator, Gamer, Technical Expert
Richard is EDU’s device master and detail dominator. Richard catches and corrals everything from errant devices to dislocated connectors. If you need to know how to remove the whatsit from the thingy, he’s the one to ask (especially if you need to know their actual names). You might catch him cruising around on his motorcycle, playing video games, or snapping photos around town, but definitely not at the same time.

Superpower: Wielding the Triforce
Arch Nemesis: People who color outside the lines
Favorite Guide: Lightsaber Teardown

“There are doughnuts on your desk.”