Get to know us!

Students and instructors alike have wondered about the unidentified technical writers that answer student emails and help students to craft awesome repair guides. Are they robots? Elves? Highly trained marmosets? At great personal peril, we broke into the classified personnel files to find you some answers. We hope these details help provide some insight into our technical writing staff, as our security clearance has probably been revoked.

Marty Rippens
Code Name: Martypants
Marty Rippens: Educator, Cyclist, Idol of Millions
Marty is EDU's Director of Education Services. Marty is a bike buff, experienced educator, and tagmemics tackler. When he's not busy teaching teachers to teach, he spends his time sharing his excitement for sustainability through tap dancing and inspiring the team with pep talks.

Superpower: Classy chromatic socks
Arch Nemesis: Ennui
Favorite Guide: Bike Maintenance

“Living breathing email.” 

Kristen Gismondi
Code Name: Photobomb
Kristen Gismondi: Shutterbug, Musicologist, Technical Writer
Kristen is EDU’s master photographer. Nobody knows their way around Photoshop or a digital camera better than she does. Kristen is quick to provide student teams with the best advice for shooting the perfect guide images. When she’s not looking through a lens, Kristen cultivates her profound love for red pandas, vinyl records, and terrible movies.

Superpower: Thrift Shopping
Arch nemesis: Bad pizza
Favorite Guide: MacBook Pro 13” Retina Display Late 2012 because kittens!

“Is a hippopotamus a hippopotamus or just a really cool opatamus?”

Justin Ogihara
Code Name: Super Slugger
Justin Ogihara: Educator, Baseball Fan, Ice Cream Lover
Justin is EDU’s future Secretary of Education. When he’s not blasting off student emails, he spends his time tutoring and teaching children, as well as daydreaming up a better future for education—from fun summer camp activities to federal policy. Justin keeps the team up to date on all the latest Netflix series—and always knows the score of the game (well, if the Dodgers won).

Superpower: Summer Camp Counseling
Arch Nemesis: Boredom
Favorite Guide: Replacing a Baseball Bat Grip

“I planned my schedule around company lunches.”