The world needs fixers.

Saving the planet from overproduction is a global battle, and with your help we can win.

Why repair matters

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what you need to know


We all know that fossil fuels won't last forever, but our Earth has other limited resources that we need to conserve. Electronic devices require huge amounts of rare earth metals. While these minerals are far from rare, extracting and purifying rare earth elements is a dangerous industrial process that can spread radioactive waste and other toxic substances into the surrounding environment. Today, the average smartphone contains roughly 63 unique elements, and with no sustainable substitute we are dangerously dependent on the mining of these harmful materials.



Our global community disposes of 142,000 computers and over 416,000 mobile devices every day. This represents roughly 2% of all mass in American landfills, but high concentrations of lead and other heavy metals in e-waste account for 70% of all our toxic waste. Recycling programs attempt to responsibly stem the tide of toxic trash, but many of these devices inevitably end up in incinerators around the world.





Since the invention of the light bulb, manufacturers have strategically designed their products to become outdated far before the end of their useful life. By discontinuing support for older models, implementing minor design changes, and even forcing more resource-intensive software on low-performance devices (we’re looking at you, Apple), corporations are bolstering their profits—and we're all paying a hefty price.




Proprietary screws. Restricted access to repair documentation. Software locks in our cars. These are all tools manufacturers use to keep you out of your devices. Different states have enacted legislation to protect consumers and independent repair technicians, but there’s still a large legal battle to win.

What We've Achieved

  • We've worked with over 19,000 students from 80 universities to create awesome repair guides.

  • Students have created more than 30,000 guides on 6,000 consumer products.

  • Student-created guides have helped over 60 million people looking for repair documentation.

  • We estimate that over a million devices have been kept out of landfills due to the efforts of students.

  • Students are gaining valuable experience, a resume piece, and learning about the environmental impact of our devices—all while helping to change the way manufacturers think about their devices.