Pick Your Guides

The device you are working on for this project already has some information on iFixit. Your goal will be to supplement that information by determining which components still need guides. Since your device already has some content on iFixit, choosing which guides to complete is a little trickier than starting from scratch.

Remember that all guides replace a specific component. We ask that you focus on replacement guides because often, replacing one problematic component can revive a non-functioning device. Many repairs require advanced techniques (such as board-level fixes), so by creating replacement guides, you’re helping more people fix their stuff!

To determine which guides you should create, follow these steps:

  1. Write out a list of the major components for your device. If you're having trouble figuring out which components are in your device, head to our Student FAQ for some examples. Remember, these are just examples of the kind of guides to write—you're not required to do them all, and they don't all apply to every device.

  2. Search for the existing device page on iFixit.com. Enter your device name (found on the white iFixit label on your device) into iFixit’s search tool. Make sure to click on “Devices” to filter out other search results. The device page will show which components already have guides, listed under "Replacement Guides."

    Take a look at this example device page for the Dell Inspiron 13-5638. Under the “Replacement Guides” section, you will notice that guides already exist for the following components: audio jack, battery, fan, heatsink, display, touchpad, webcam, and Wi-Fi adapter.

  3. Once you have eliminated guides that have already been created for your device, start to research which components might be likely to fail or need repair. Check out online forums or similar devices on iFixit to get an idea of which guides might benefit users the most.

  4. Prioritize your list of components, and choose the top guides, making sure you select the required number for your class. When you've got your list of guides, you can move on and start working on your proposal.