Checkpoint 1: Overview


You are finished with this checkpoint when you:

  • Shoot well-lit and correctly exposed photos
  • Shoot images showing a person’s hands performing the actions being described without obstructing the view
  • Place the main focus of each image in the center of the frame and zoom in far enough
  • Shoot images free of blur caused by camera shake or small image sizes
  • Set the white balance correctly for all pictures
  • Use a clean background free of distracting clutter for all photos

Email Us When... have some photos ready that you'd like us to look over. Simply upload your photos to your guide, then email techwriting[at]ifixit[dot]com with a link to your guide on the site. (Don't worry about writing text for your guide steps yet—we'll cover that in Checkpoint 2.) We're happy to offer feedback to help you get your photo skills totally dialed in! 


This checkpoint is all about two things: preparation and shooting great guide photos. Shooting photos is usually the fun part, but in order for your photos to really be instructive, you'll need to learn a bit about guide photos and how they differ from the kind of photos you take every day.