Editing Project: Overview

In the editing project, you’ll be improving content that already exists on iFixit. Your improvements will make it easier for people from around the world to fix their devices.


You are finished with this project when you: 

  • Sign up for an iFixit account using your school email address

  • Join a student team

  • Create a profile

  • Choose which guide(s) you want to work on

  • Decide what flag(s) you'll be addressing

  • Email us about what you’ll be working on and what flag(s) you'll address

  • Review the guidelines for fixing the issues denoted by each flag

  • Make appropriate edits by following the guidelines and applying the technical communication principles you've learned in class

  • Email us once you've finished the editing project


We have thousands of awesome user-submitted guides on iFixit, for everything from laptops and smartphones, to cars and household appliances. Some of these guides are a little rough around the edges and could use your help.

Why does it matter? Check out our mission video:


Here at iFixit, repair is our way of life, and we want to provide the world with the proper know-how and tools to fix anything. What does this mean for your project? First, it means that this isn't just busy-work—the work you do on this project will help people from all over the world fix their devices. Second, it means you'll be contributing to an open-source community dedicated to keeping stuff working longer and out of landfills. Find out more about why we are so passionate about repair by checking out ifixit.com/right-to-repair.