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Is the troubleshooting page title capitalized and punctuated correctly with no extra descriptive words, such as “laptop,” “printer,” or “camera?” *
Is the word “Troubleshooting” included in the page title? *
Is the troubleshooting page formatted so that headings are user-experienced symptoms, subheadings are possible causes of those symptoms, and the solutions are explained in short paragraphs? *
Are all of the above sorted in a table of contents on the left side of the page? *
Are the symptoms of each issue explained so that a user will know if they are having the same problem? *
Are all the possible causes to each issue discussed and explained in depth? *
Does the page outline the necessary steps a user must take to return their device to working condition? *
Are placeholder links to relevant guides provided? (Circle back and replace these with the correct guide links upon completion of Milestone 3.) *
Did you email a link to your troubleshooting page to techwriting[at]ifixit[dot]com? *