Milestone 2: Overview

In Milestone 2, you will create a device page. A device page acts like a homepage for all of your other guide pages and helps readers find repair information relevant to their device.


You are finished with this milestone when your device page:

  • Has the correct title

    • Excludes extra descriptive words, such as "laptop," "printer," or "camera"

    • Uses proper spelling, punctuation, and the right device name

  • Has a clear, well-lit device photo taken by your team

    • The photo should be in the correct 4:3 aspect ratio

    • The full-size image from the camera should be uploaded

  • Includes the required headings/sections (Background and Identification, Specifications, Troubleshooting, and Additional Information)

  • Includes thorough information describing the device and its background to educate readers and aid them in identifying their device

  • Lists at least three helpful, properly formatted links on the device page

  • Is free of major errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

  • Incorporates all feedback from the iFixit technical writing team

Email Us When...

...your device page is complete. We’ll be happy to look it over and offer feedback!


A device page serves as the hub of all the repair information about your device, including background and identification, links to replacement guides, and a link to your troubleshooting page. This screenshot of a completed Samsung Gear VR with Controller device page is a good example of the appropriate length and amount of information you should provide. 

It may look daunting at first, but a good portion of this information is generated automatically. We break it all down for you on the next page.

Example Pages

The following are A-level device pages from past student projects. Use these for inspiration, but don't try to copy them exactly. Bear in mind, these example device pages have extra sections (Tools, Parts, Guides, and Support Questions) that auto-populate once the guides are published, so don't worry if your device page looks slightly different.