Hold It!

*Asterisk indicates required field.
Guide Images
Are all of the photos in the replacement guides well-lit and correctly exposed? *
Do the images in the replacement guides show a person’s hands performing the actions being described without obstructing the view? *
Is the main focus of each image placed in the center of the frame and zoomed in far enough? *
Are the images free of blur caused by camera shake or small image sizes? *
Is the white balance correctly set for all pictures throughout the replacement guides? *
Do all photos use a clean, white background free of distracting clutter? *
Guide Text
Are the written directions easy to understand and follow for an audience with an average to below-average technical background? *
Are replacement guide steps free of verbose and muddled directions? *
Do the guide steps avoid vague language and outline the procedure with adequate detail? *
Does the replacement guide text correctly identify the components inside the device and the tools being used in the procedure? *
Is the replacement guide text free of major errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling? *
Are the head types and screw lengths (in mm) of every screw noted in the guides? *
Do the guides use the standard format for titles (‘Device Component Replacement’)? *
Guide Mechanics
Are prerequisite guides used correctly to create an easy-to-follow “chain” of replacement guides? *
Does each guide include a brief summary and a descriptive introduction outlining the procedure being performed? *
Are all parts of the Details section filled out, including the difficulty, time required, and tools? *
Is colored markup used correctly in guide photos, and are bullets appropriately colored to match them? *
Do the guides make proper use of the Note, Reminder, and Caution bullets when they are appropriate? *