Peer review and feedback

Peer review is a form of usability testing, or testing a document to see if it is effective—in this case, to see if users can easily and successfully follow your guide. Usability testing provides an opportunity to find any problems or issues with your guides before they are released.

When you are reviewing other students’ content, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Only give constructive feedback!
  • Point out both corrections and things that were done well.
  • Be as specific as possible, citing specific steps and offering suggestions for changes.
  • Point out anything that is confusing or ambiguous.
  • Use this checklist to evaluate the guides for technical accuracy.

adding flags

In addition to providing written feedback for the group, you will also add flags to their guides. Flags show up at the top of the guide, explaining what things need to be fixed. Check out this page to see a list of flags and what they mean. To add a flag to a guide:

  1. Go into that guide's Edit tab.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, and select a flag from the drop-down menu below the Flags section.
  3. Choose whichever flag is most applicable to the problem that you observed with the guide. You can add as many flags as necessary to a guide, and they can be deleted once the group fixes the problems.
  4. When you add a flag, you should also write down which flag applies to which step(s) to make sure that the group knows exactly where the mistakes are.